You wanna go to France, but are you gonna Bor-deaux?

JG: Tonight, ladies and gents, I go it alone in the blogging world to discuss a foreign club who are fastly becoming an obsession of mine. Just a few seasons ago, FC Girondins de Bordeaux were just another bunch of also-rans in the top-flight French domestic league, the aptly named Ligue 1.

Competing with several “good” clubs, but none “spectacular”, Bordeaux were lumbered with the likes of Marseille, Toulouse, Lille and PSG when it came to deciding who would finish behind the unstoppable French train that is Lyon, SEVEN time consecutive winners between 2001-2002 and 2007-2008.

That was until ex-Manchester United centre-back Laurent Blanc took over in 2007, and by May of 2009, the city most known for its wine-making had become French champions, toppling a Lyon side containing the likes of Karim Benzema, Miralem Pjanic, Jean Il Makoun and Hugo Lloris in the process!

It’s fair to say the transformation Bordeaux have undergone since Blanc’s arrival is nothing short of miraculous! Now recognized as a major domestic force, the French side have also managed to set about establishing themselves in Europe’s greatest club competition, the Champions League. Just this season, “Les Girondins” managed to top a group containing Bayern Munich and Italian giants Juventus by six points, eliminating the Turin side from the competition altogether!

With a slick midfield including anchorman skipper Alou Diarra and Yoann Gourcuff, and a lethal attack spearheaded by Arsenal’s long-term Moroccan target Marouane Chamakh, it’s fair to say that Bordeaux are the dark horses of this seasons competition, and perhaps the most vastly improved team in the whole of Europe!

Jakey G x

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Acceptable In The Noughties

JG: Tonight ladies and gents, we bring for your viewing pleasure, a blog on the king of electro pop himself, Calvin Harris.

It’s fair to say that myself and G-Man have always been big fans of the spindly Scottish DJ. However, in recent months it would appear that Dumfries born Calvin (real name Adam Wiles) has truly come into his own musically, establishing himself as an electro genius in the process.  For myself, the fascination with Mr. Harris came whilst sat at work on a late Saturday morning  in May 2007. There I was in the canteen, waiting for the heat to cool on my Pot Noodle and wondering if it might actually de-steam itself before my entire lunch break had lapsed!

I switched on the TV and found Calvin himself performing “The Girls” ( live on T4. I had previously heard the song on the radio and absolutely loved this refreshing new approach from a music artist, at a time when nothing like it was dominating the charts, and at a time when an artist with such amazing electro concepts had not burst onto the scene in such a manner since the days of Gary Numan! The rest of my day at work was one of lifted spirit as I went round quietly singing the song inbetween re-stocking the shelves and attempting to chat up Charlotte, the fit blonde on the checkouts.

For the remaining year and a bit of my time at sixth form, “The Girls” became my ringtone – perhaps hoping that I would establish a reputation for myself as a reknowned lothario in the process, and in summer 2007 I decided to take the plunge and purchase Calvin’s debut album, “I Created Disco.” – What followed was pure audio bliss as tunes such as “Acceptable In The 80’s”, “Merrymaking At My Place”, “Vegas”, and “Colours” from the comfort of my bedroom.

My admiration for the man grew following this album and by the time our Sixth Form Leavers Ball rang out to the tune of Calvin and Dizzee’s “Dance Wiv Me” ( in the summer of 2008, my status as a hardcore fan had been cemented.

A year or so later, and ahead of the eagerly anticipated release of his follow-up album, Calvin released the GIGANTIC clubbing anthem, “I’m Not Alone” ( – The first time I heard it was one of those pivotal moments; the moments where you remember exactly where you were, and exactly what you were doing. For me, the answers to those topics are as follows; Sat in the living room late on a sunday night, chilling to Annie Mac’s new music show on Radio One. The moment I heard it I just KNEW it would be a smash, and was, in my opinion, his greatest work to date. I also couldn’t help but obsess over the idea of raving to it on my upcoming Spanish holiday. A few weeks later, I was proved right as the song went in at number one during his first week of release, and hogged the top spot for some time after that!

Some time later… and as the university adventure began and mine and Gareth’s friendship blossomed, we found that our shared passion for football/sport in general, scotch eggs, and journalism weren’t the only things we had in common! Suddenly, we both realized our shared love for the electro pioneer, and quickly began conversing on his abilities behind a keyboard. Calvin’s tunes became a must to get us “pumped up” before a big night out (as I’m sure is the case with so many of you reading!) and in November of last year, we had the pleasure of seeing the man himself, live in Southampton with our fellow Uni Harris-lovers.

Depite all this, it was the release of the Scot’s second album, “Ready For The Weekend” that cemented his place as an all-time electro legend. The album in question combined gritty bass heavy beats such as “You Used To Hold Me” ( and club classic “Flashback” ( with up-beat electro pop such as “The Rain” (, and “Stars Come Out” (, adding a whole new dimension to his music in the process.

With such an incredible album under his belt, it’s fair to say Calvin Harris is now THE man for all occasions and number ONE musical choice with Jakey-G.Man.

With his fresh and exciting ideas, and an insatiable thirst for dance music, the future is looking bright for Calvin fans!

GM: It’s fair to say that what Jake adds to this blog is a dynamic view of any topic we happen to arise. Mr Gable has made a once unknown Scot into a musical figure of power. Scots in general should never be under-estimated (after all, the scotch egg originated in Scotland!). In fact, three of the most esteemed people I admire are themselves Scottish. Calvin Harris obviously, actor David Tennant for his glorious portrayal of Doctor Who, and former footballer and current Rangers assistant manager Ally McCoist. To add to this list is of course Britain’s number one tennis player Andy Murray. I myself am not a fan of his play, but nobody can deny the talents of Britain’s youngest (and arguably best) player over the last few decades.

As previously mentioned by Jake, I can only agree that Calvin had released some intense and at times addictive tracks. “You Used to Hold Me” is a personal favourite of mine, however there are a few others which are yet to hit the public spotlight just yet.

“Limits” (, and “Worst Day” (, just two examples of this. These two songs in question have been played on my Ipod even more times than Jake has obsessed over a certain brunette from our journalism class (and trust me, that’s a lot!) – “Worst Day” itself also features the vocals of an up and coming hip hop artist by the name of Izza Kizza, who I know Jake rates highly, and has labelled “the new Kano.”

Harris himself grabbed interesting headlines during the running of last year’s X-Factor when the self-proclaimed “Jedward” fan ran onto the stage during the Irish twins’ performance with a pineapple on his head. This act was loved by the public but criticised by judge Louis Walsh who claimed to not know who Calvin Harris was. Shortly after this brilliant moment of madness from Calvin, myself, Jake and others were on a coach to Southampton to enjoy a V.I.P night watching our most loved jock. The successful night  for the Scot became even better one for myself  and Jake as we managed to get hold of a pineapple on the dance floor, and I managed to come away with some similar shaped and fashioned Calvin Harris glasses. (see below)

At the age of just 26, it is guarenteed Mr Harris’ title as “The King of ElectroPop” will be one he can refer to for many years to come. To claim he doesn’t look threatened by any other electro artists could be an under-statement. He isn’t. He’s currently the best in the business. At 15, Harris began recording demos from his bedroom, but his love and desire to be what he is today made him into a antisocial teenager. This affected his personality, but not his heart for music.

His work has not gone unnoticed. At the 2010 BRIT Awards he was nominated for Best British Male, but sadly finished closely behind eventual winner and fellow companion Dizzee Rascal, a man who himself might not have won the award if it wasn’t for Calvin’s generosity in lending him a pair of brilliant electro beats on “Dance Wiv Me” and “Holiday” (

What is known though, is that Harris is here for a long time. His production of brilliant work, club tunes, and attractive beats looks like an unstoppable train. If he were a footballer, then Calvin Harris would at this time, be on the form of his life. Long may it continue!

Jakey-G.Man x

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Buffet The Sausage Meat Slayer

Much has been made recently (albeit my myself and Mr.Messenger) on the somewhat unfallable subject of Scotch Eggs. Yes, that’s right, the smooth boiled egg in the sausage meat casing, then wrapped in breadcrumbs. (see below)

The somewhat novelty features of such an item have led to the humble scotch egg becoming something of a cult hero amongst the students of Winchester University – a campaign started by myself and Mr.Messenger following a late night social networking message.

The almost indescribable beauty of the egg isn’t a beauty witnessed by all to the naked eye. Instead, you must look further than it’s socially unacceptable surface, and instead attempt to “break the code.”

So just what makes scotch eggs so adorable?

Well, as we recently found out, you can give them a “haircut” using a pair of scissors. You can also carve a face into their inner egg surface. They also make very useful (if not messy!) emergency cricket balls.

So… I ask you all to raise your glasses today, and pay tribute to one of the most under-rated members of our modern society, the scotch egg!

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Jakey-G.Man – Double Trouble?

After heated negotiations, between myself and my, shall we say, interesting compatriot Jake Gable, we have entered with one goal. This may seem unnecessary however after our short months at university together, and the encouraging reviews from our individual blogs ( and , we came to the executive decision to start up a joint blog where two entities combine. Tonight, as the Spice Girls once famously said, is the night, that two become one.

To introduce ourselves isn’t a necessity but more of an honour. Jake Gable (left), a 19 year old journalism student resides in Oxfordshire. He is a lifelong Arsenal supporter and his interests include sports of all types, world events, and entertaining friends and foes alike with a refreshing comedic approach. Gareth Messenger (right), 18 is a fellow Journalism student and like his friend Mr Gable, has an overwhelming sporting knowledge. He supports Chelsea and has a natural fondness for the sport of cricket. We will add more to this. But for now that’s a little introduction to who and in Jake’s case, what we are.

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